Episode number 98
ITV broadcast date 30th April 2009
Previous episode Cold Reader
Next episode The Knife Trick

Grass is an episode of series 25 which first aired on the 30th of april 2009 and had a viewership of 4.3 million with a 19.3% share.[1] The episode was written by David Kane and directed by Ian Madden.


DI Ross meets with a shadowy individual in a city graveyard. The man is Thomas Duffy, a petty criminal and Ross’ informant. Duffy reveals he has some information and Ross arranges to meet him with money the next day.

That night, Ross and Fraser go for drinks. When Fraser decides he’s had enough and leaves, Ross starts chatting to a woman, Manda. The two leave together and go back to his house.

When morning comes, Ross wakes to find Manda gone – along with his book of contacts.

Meanwhile, a body has been found in the woods. The rest of the team is already there when Ross arrives, hung-over. To his horror, the dead man is Duffy. Spray painted in red next to the body is the word ‘GRASS’.

Ross confesses to Reid about the missing book and the two of them return to search Ross’ flat, but the book is nowhere to be found. When they scan the CCTV footage from outside his flat, they see Manda handing the book to someone in a car.

Ross is concerned about the contacts in his book – are they in danger too? He rushes off to see gangland kingpin and drug dealer William Drydon, another one of Ross’ informants and Duffy’s boss.

At Drydon’s mansion, Ross tells the gangster and his wife Carla about Duffy and the missing book, and they both accuse Ross of letting them down.

Back at the station, Burke is growing increasingly frustrated, and things only get worse when he finds out that Drydon is Ross’ informant. Burke can’t risk war on the streets and goes to see Drydon himself to convince him to sit tight.

Meanwhile, Reid and Fraser pay a visit to Martin Hayne, who owns a property business which Drydon used to invest in. They soon discover that Duffy was the grass who turned Martin’s son in to the police.

Ross meets with Duffy’s brother, Gavin, to find out if he knows what his brother was about to reveal, but Gavin denies all knowledge and blames Ross for his brother’s death.

At a pool hall that night, Drydon calls his thugs together to warn them what happens to those who grass. As he steps outside to smoke, he’s shot dead in the street…

The next morning, Reid goes to Ross’ flat to find him half-asleep and stinking of alcohol. When she tells him of Drydon’s murder, Ross is adamant that he must see Carla.

As tensions run high at the station and the team set off to follow other leads, Ross calls on Reid to cover for him one last time. Can he solve the case before his career becomes the next casualty?

With no back-up, Ross follows his instincts to a deadly confrontation with the killer. Can the others find him in time, or could this be the end for DI Robbie Ross?


Matt Burke - Alex Norton
Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff
Robbie Ross - John Michie
Stuart Fraser - Colin McCredie


GMTV with Lorraine Kelly (who is also a fan) featured an interview with John Michie about the episode. The Five Thirty Show on STV had an interview with John Michie and Colin McCredie. The Herald and TV scoop both ran articles on the episode.[2][3]


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