Long Time Dead is an episode from Series 15 that first aired on 1 November 1998.

Long Time Dead
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1st November 1998
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In a feature length investigation, Jardine and Reid find themselves embroiled in a disturbing case that leads them to the dark underbelly of human nature. It is the annual Strathclyde CID Dinner at the Crawford Hotel, and the last place you would think a murder would be committed. However as the party is in full swing with The Sweet Muffins (The Oddballs) performing on stage, the body of the hotel owner is discovered strangled and dumped in the rubbish. When the main suspect is found murdered before the police can question him it is the start of a complex case that will affect Jardine in a way he cannot yet expect. But can Jardine and the team catch the killer before any more murders are committed?

Full plot synopsisEdit

The episode begins with DCI Michael Jardine arriving at the Crawford Hotel for the annual CID Dinner. He has brought his girlfriend, Elaine, with him. Upon getting out of the car, Jardine says its a last chance to settle in for a quiet night in front of the telly and pizza. Elaine says that she's looking forward to it but nervous about having dinner with all of the policeman. Jardine replies "Just think about what its like working with them everyday." Elsewhere, down in the kitchens