Peter Livingstone with Jim Taggart in Dead Ringer

Name Peter Livingstone
Portrayed by Neil Duncan

Detective Sergeant

Duration 1983-1994
Relationships Martha Livingstone

Martha Livingstone (wife)

Xavier Livingstone (son)

Hometown Edinburgh


DS Peter Livingstone (Neil Duncan) was a sidekick police detective of Jim Taggart's who first appeared in Killer and was originally from Edinburgh. Jim didn't get on well with him at first, because he was a well educated graduate who was not local, but as the cases moved on they seemed to get on better. Peter left in 1987 to start his own security business following the arrival of Michael Jardine who he didn't get on well with either. The pair always seemed to be trying to give each other a hard time. He then appeared again in 1994 in Forbidden Fruit to ask Jim and Jean to be godparents to his son. After the christening he was never seen again. His son is called Xavier. But then it was revealed that in Forbidden Fruit, that Xavier is actually the son of Doctor Colin Miller and one of sixty children fathered by him. Livingstone often wore his university scarf while on duty until he threw it away because of the perceived connoations attached to it when he wore it. He towered over Jim, measuring up to 6ft 3" inches tall and unlike his boss, who'd had to work his way through the ranks, graduated from university with an MA Honours in History and Economics. He smoked cheroots. There was one moment when he actually left Jardine alone in a gay bar during stakeout. Livingstone was one of the few characters in the show to marry and his wife was named Marta. He also revealed that he got turned down by a woman who didn't want to be married to a policeman.

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DCI Jim TaggartEdit

Jim didn't have a very good working relationship with Peter. This was because they were both from different backgrounds and Jim hadn't gone to university. Things weren't any different when he returned from a holiday and found that Mike Jardine was in charge. 

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