Tenement is an episode from series 23 that first aired on 30 April 2007.

Plot synopsisEdit

When a local activist is found strangled to death in her flat with a copper wire, the Taggart team suspect a local property developer of foul play. But when they question local residents, they discover that protesting had incured the wrath of meny people. Meanwhile Ross investigates the case of a hit-and-run accident involving a local couple's son, and gradually the team realises that there may be more simalarities to the two tragedies than they initially suspected. But will Burke and the team catch the killer?

Full plot synopsisEdit

DI Robbie Ross has been off his game, but he's determined to stop the rot when a local activist is found strangled in her tenement kitchen. The other tenement inhabitants are prime suspects for her murder - among them Mhair McCann (Cora Bissett), Ronnie Smyth (Anthony Strachan), and Graham Martin (Ralph Bolland). Martin has little time for the police when questioned as his son, Brian, is in a coma after a hit and run accident. The police have failed to find the driver of the car. The community campaigner was a well-known figure in the area, and it becomes evident to the investigating team that her protesting had incurred the wrath of many - including Charlie McEwan (Lorraine McGowan). Ms McEwan is a local developer with her sights set on demolishing the tenement. But is mild-mannered McEwan really ruthless enough for murder? After striking up a friendship with Graham Martin's daughter, Alice (Sinead Keenan), DI Ross catches up with 'Fitz' (Eric Barlow), the traffic cop in charge of investigating Alice's brother's hit and run. It becomes apparent that little effort has been made to trace the car involved. Ross picks up the pace, and the car is soon located. But DCI Matt Burke (Alex Norton) is agitated. He can't understand why Ross is wasting his time on a car accident when they have a murderer to catch. As the investigation progresses however, it becomes clear that the murder and the car accident are all pieces of the same complex jigsaw...