The Killing Philosophy
Episode number 6
ITV broadcast date 15th April 1987
Previous episode Death Call
Next episode Funeral Rites

The Killing Philosophy is the first episode of series 3 and first aired 15 April 1987.


Taggart investigates a failed rape on a woman by a masked attacker. Jim Taggart, Peter Livingstone and Michael Jardine joins the team in the hunt for the killer. Michael Jardine's first episode.He makes good friends with Peter Livingstone. Livingstone is jealous when Taggart gives Jardine more attention. The hunt for the killer becomes harder when the clues don't add up.


Mark McManus - Jim Taggart
Neil Duncan - Peter Livingstone
James MacPherson - Michael Jardine
Harriet Buchan - Jean Taggart
Robert Robertson - Dr Stephen Andrews
Iain Anders - Superintendent Jack McVitie


Writer - Glenn Chandler
Producer - Haldane Duncan